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Tomas Lindberg

Crew – An Interface That Gives You Overview of All Your 

Spring is definitely here and we’re planning a series of improvements to Shipgaz Training. The most comprehensive and first one out is Crew. A new interface built to give you a better view of your employees and their course results.

With Crew, it’s easy to invite your employees, see when they signed up and follow their latest activity and progress.

Edit profiles and ID data
Crew lets you edit all your employee’s profile data and ID information. The interface allows you to fill out information in advance to shorten your employees registration. This means that they don´t need to upload a passport or Seaman’s Book when they create their account.

A powerful export function
Let’s say you’re to export a particular ship’s combined certificates, or all certificates on a certain vessel for the crew members that are working on deck and have completed Risk Assessment; No problem – use the search filter to find the information you’re looking for and quickly make a bulk export of the data. Shipgaz will forward the certificates in a zipped file and send them straight to the person in need of the information.

That’s all for now! We’ll soon be back with more feature improvements and product changes!

Missing something essential?
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Tomas Lindberg

Just swipe your card!

Today we launch a new integration with the credit card and billing service Stripe. It’s a secure system for credit card transactions that will improve and speed up our handling process. When you log in you will find a new meny section named ”Billling” and it will be available for employers and individuals.

  • For new and existing individuals this update means that the certificates will be automatically generated and sent to the user immediately after processing. No more waiting.
  • For existing employers, nothing will change without your approval. If you would like to start an easier handling of billing and be in full control of the certificates issued. Let us know and we will activate it for you.

As always, we will be available for support via chat and mail. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Tomas Lindberg

Meet the new Shipgaz Training!

Maritime training just got easier, let us introduce you to our brand new landing page and furthermore the new registration process. Now you’ll find information about our available courses and prices much easier. And we have been working hard to enhance the administrator view and your user experience. We hope that you will enjoy our new functions. From now on you log in and sign up in the far right upper corner.

New features:

  • A nicer User Interface better optimized for small screens.
  • Ability to invite your crew to your company account by email
  • Ability to remove crew from your company account
  • Select or deselect courses for your entire crew
  • Change company details and billing info
  • Easier access to your personal details
  • Possibility to upload/change profile image
  • Possibility to change your passport/Seaman’s Book when expired
  • New rich formated HTML e-mails – notifications now in color!
  • Fixed security and permission issues
  • Better typography and more focus on the content
  • General bugfixes and speed optimizations

In the background we have change a lot of the technical stuff that will help us improve Shipgaz Training in the future. We hope that you like the new features and if you have any questions or comments please send them to or have a chat with us.

Tomas Lindberg

You need to upload a digital copy of your seaman’s book or passport

Last night we upgraded Shipgaz Training to meet new demands from The Swedish Transport Agency and several other maritime administrations. For you as a user this means that you have to upload a valid ID documentation to confirm the authenticity of your account.

Next time you log in to Shipgaz Training you will get notified that you need to upload a digital copy of your seaman’s book or passport in order to receive certificates in the future. You can still perform training as usual, but there will be no certificates sent out until we verified your documentation. The process consists of four easy steps and only needs to be done once.

We will be available for support via chat, mail and phone.

Ingela Öberg

Come chat with us!

Three days ago we set up our new support center featuring an online chat. After weeks of testing we decided to give the people at Olark the big responsibility to host our chat service. We are now available for support in real time. If you have problem signing in or you just can´t get your web cam in order, just give us a hauler and we will try to help out.

My name is Ingela Öberg, I´ve been around since the start of Shipgaz Training and work as head of support. I am available for most of our business hours here in Gothenburg and when I can´t take your question my colleagues will be there for you. If we’re not online, you will have the option to send us an email with your question. Our statistics tells us that 85% of our support tickets are solved with in the hour and another 10% within 8 hours (on the weekends the wait might be a bit longer). Our support is open business hours Central European Time.

You find our chat in the lower right corner on our website and while performing training. Just enter your name and email to start your chat. It doesn’t have to be problem related issues, if you need a quote, information about a certain course or anything regarding Shipgaz Training just reach out and we’ll be there.

Talk to you soon!