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Tomas Lindberg

Handle fuel professionally on board LNG ships

hero_lng@2xThe use of LNG as a marine fuel is growing. LNG is potentially more hazardous than conventional marine fuels. However, when handled professionally, the risks can be mitigated and avoided, to the benefit of not only the fuel costs but also the vessel emission profile, and prolonged machinery service intervals. This course gives seafarers involved in the fuel handling onboard an introduction to the use of gases and other low-flashpoint fuels.

Read the product sheet or visit your Company settings page in your Shipgaz Training account to activate this course for your crew.

Tomas Lindberg

Learn to deal safely with hazards of Hot Work on board

hot_work_blogHot Work involves many hazards such as brazing, cutting, welding, grinding, soldering, or torching. Careful consideration is needed for safe planning and execution. Accidents connected to hot work are often very dramatic and can include explosion, fire, personal injury or even fatality. There are regulations and guidelines in place to help prevent such accidents. In this course we will assist you in the process of carrying out the hot work safe and efficient.

Title: Hot Work
Length: 7 chapters
Duration: 6 hours
Author: Johan Rindmyr
Price: €229

Visit your Company settings page in your Shipgaz Training account to activate this course for your crew. Or reply to this email if you want us to help you set it up. If your company has a need for maritime training that can’t be found in our library, just give us a call at +46 31–7121770 and we help you out.

Tomas Lindberg

Enclosed Space Entry training is available


The dangers in enclosed spaces are many. All risks needs to be assessed before entry and a permit has to be issued.

Our Enclosed Space Entry training  is based on the amendment to SOLAS regulation III/19, on emergency training and rescue drills connected to an enclosed space entry. SOLAS regulation III/19 requires crew members with enclosed-space entry or rescue responsibilities to participate in an enclosed space entry and rescue drill at least once every two months.

Enclosed Space Entry provides the knowledge to handle, lead and perform an enclosed space entry. Achievements are assessed by a final test.

Focus areas:
Training and general caution, Procedures and Arrangements for enclosed space entries, Atmosphere test, Control of entry, Enclosed space unsafe for entry, Pump-room entry precautions, Work in enclosed space, Respiratory protective equipment and Emergency procedures.

  • Title: Enclosed Space Entry
  • Length: 9 chapters
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Author: Johan Rindmyr
  • Price: € 229

We offer flag state approved maritime education to shipping companies and this course was requested from one of our customers, Tarbit Shipping. If your company has need for maritime training that can not be found in our library, just give us a call and we will discuss it.

Tomas Lindberg

It’s here – Introduction to MLC 2006


Shipgaz Training launches an introduction to the “Seafarers‘ Bill of Rights”. Everyone is talking about Maritime Labour Convention and the effect of it right now. This course is targeting junior officers and shore based personnel.

The MLC 2006 aims to ensure comprehensive worldwide protection of the rights of seafarers. It also aims to establish a level playing field for countries and shipowners committed to providing decent working and living conditions for seafarers, protecting them from unfair competition on the part of shipowners with substandard ships. The minimum standards and requirements are reflected in the MLC, 2006 and will be globally applicable to all ships.

This course consist of three chapters followed by an exam.

Title: Introduction to MLC 2006
Length: 3 chapters
Duration: 1 hours
Author: Captain Eddie Janson
Price: €119

Tomas Lindberg

Healthy Cooking – now available!


Targeting ship cooks and galley personnel, Healthy Cooking is now available. This course covers the most important aspects on storing, handling and preparing food products. With topics such as Nutrition, Health, Hygiene and Exercise, the author has managed to keep the content interesting an motivating.

All seagoing personnel can agree that the food is a major contributing factor to the onboard environment. The theory behind cooking healthy meals and the easy-to-follow tips and tricks in this course will provide useful knowledge, even for the most experienced cooks. The course is especially useful for cooks working with mixed crews who alternates between eastern and western food.

Title: Healthy Cooking
Length: 7 chapters
Duration: 2 hours
Author: Jari Virtanen
Price: €119

Tomas Lindberg

Incident Investigation is available


Targeting senior- and safety officers as required by SIRE VIQ 5.1, Incident Investigation is now available. Based on IMO Model Course 3.11, our training is designed to provide an introduction to the philosophy, processes and procedures required to support marine casualty investigations. All in accordance with IMO Assembly Resolution A.849(20) and the Code for Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents.

Title: Incident Investigation
Length: 10 chapters
Duration: 3 hours
Author: Captain Johan Rindmyr
Price: €229