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Tomas Lindberg

Online vs Classroom training

There is a debate whether maritime training should be performed in classrooms only or if online training is a suficcient alternative.

Our view is that online training will never fully replace classroom teaching, in some cases you still need the productive classroom discussions to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject but in other cases e-learning can be a relevant stand-alone alternative. As faster connections and new technology comes along, the number of people choosing online training will increase.

Another aspect is the importance of setting, some people prefer classrooms and get better results in that setting, others perform and learn easier in a familiar environment such as at home by the kitchen table. The next generation of seafarers might prefer online training to a much greater extent because they grew up using computers in school, at home and on the go.

We belive that mixed learning will be the way of the future, with e-learning as preparation for discussion and exam in classroom. This way, the time spent in classroom can be minimised by preparing the students before they enter the classroom, thus giving them the theoretical knowledge required to get the most out of their education.