Cyber Security is a difficult concept for many, with new and unique threats and countermeasures. Where automation and computerization has led to increased efficiencies in almost all domains, the education and ability to maintain the required security has fallen behind.

What you'll learn:

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of cyber security and threat management. The user will understand how phishing fraud works, how to create strong protection for your accounts, how to manage removable media and other tools to keep up with the threats connected to Cyber Security

  • Introduction
  • What are cyber threats, and what do they affect
  • Maintaining security
  • Personal risks and threats
  • System risks and threats
  • Password security
  • Personal security
  • Organisa onal defenses

Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks.

Course Prerequisites:

The course is open to all positions ashore and onboard.

Course Developer:

The course has been produced by D.S. Ljungmark.