Enclosed Space Entry

This course is aimed at all seafarers who are involved in enclosed space entries. There are several enclosed spaces on every ship and each of the represent a potential danger. The most important step to reduce the dangers with enclosed spaces is to increase knowledge among those who are entering or supervising enclosed space entries..

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:

Those who successfully complete the course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to be responsible for an enclosed space entry. This knowledge shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Knowledge of hazards connected with enclosed spaces.
  • Testing of atmosphere prior entry.
  • Control of entry into enclosed spaces.
  • Knowledge of safeguards for enclosed space entries.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures.
  • Introduction to different types of respiratory protective equipment.
  • Knowledge of procedures for entry into enclosed spaces with atmosphere known or suspected to be unsafe.
  • Precautions to be taken when working in enclosed spaces.
Course prerequisites:

The course is open to seafarers who are responsible for enclosed space entries or is in any way involved in enclosed space entries.

Course developer:

Johan Rindmyr

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