Gas Detection

The course gives a broad view of dangerous gases on vessels and what regulations are applicable. The purpose of this training is to give an understanding about why gas detection is necessary on ships, where it’s installed and what gases are detected. The difference between toxic and flammable gases will be explained as well as which concentrations are monitored and considered dangerous for life onboard.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:

Why gas detection is important on vessels.

  • What kind of gases can be expected onboard.
  • Where gases can occur on various types of vessels.
  • Rules and regulations for gas detection onboard ships.
  • How they are detected with various sensors.
  • How testing of the equipment is done.
Course prerequisites:

The course aims at crew members onboard tankers but also other vessels where dangerous gases can occur.


Solas and IMO regulations for gas detection on ships.

Course Developer:

Martin Simonsson, Consilium Marine Sales and Support.

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