Hatch Cover Inspection and Maintenance

Today’s hatch covers are relatively large, complex and unexpectedly refined pieces of engineering. This means that rather small errors or defects can have very damaging effects, far beyond what our everyday experience would lead us to understand. The ship’s cargo hatches leak for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to poor maintenance or failure to close them properly. This course gives seafarers associated with hatch covers an introduction on functions, how the key parts are related to each other, and of the maintenance of them.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:
  • Safety barriers which prevents the water ingress to the cargo hold.
  • The different parts of hatch covers and their function.
  • Hatch cover weather tightness testing methods.
  • Recognising the important items to be checked when conducting on board inspection of hatch covers.
  • Understanding the responsibility of the master and the company related in connection to hatch cover maintenance.
  • The rules which reflects to hatch covers and their maintenance.
  • Introduction to hatch covers
  • Hatch Covers and their function
  • Testing the weather tightness of hatch covers
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • The responsibility of master and the company, laws and regulations
  • Underlying cause to water ingress
Course developer:

The course is delivered and by Kim Heiniö. Developed in accordance with Shipgaz Training's quality manual and in cooperation with Alandia Marine.