Healthy Cooking - Basics of Nutrition

It is important that the ship’s cook is familiar with nutrition, sources of food, exercise and hygiene and how to apply this knowledge in practical everyday use. This course will provide you with the basics of healthy cooking in order to help improve the quality and variation of nutritious food on board your ship. This course is divided into 7 chapters and there will be an exam after each chapter.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:
  • Types of energy sources, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.
  • Types of vitamins and what they provide/where to get them.
  • Different types of fat, healthy and unhealthy types.
  • Food and disease, how to prevent illness and promote good health.
  • Hygiene, how to keep stores clean and hygienic food preparation.
  • Exercise, the importance of an active lifestyle onboard.
  • Concrete tips on variation of food and recipes.
Course prerequisites:

The course is open to all ships’ cooks and galley personnel.

Course developer:

Jari Virtanen, Furetank Rederi AB

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