Hot Work

Hot Work involves many hazards such as brazing, cutting, welding, grinding, soldering, or torching. Careful consideration is needed for safe planning and execution. Accidents connected to hot work are often very dramatic and can include explosion, fire, personal injury or even fatality. There are regulations and guidelines in place to help prevent such accidents. In this course we will assist you in the process of carrying out the hot work safe and efficient.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:
  • Hot work hazards.
  • Task responsibilities .
  • Procedures.
  • Safety measures.
  • Designated hot work locations.
  • Prohibited hot work situations.
  • Safety training.
  • Introduction
  • Hot Work Hazards
  • People involved, Responsibilities, Contractors
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Safety Measures
  • Hot Work in Non Designated Areas
  • Equipment & Tools
Course prerequisites:

Open to all seafarers.

Course developer:

The course is delivered and developed in accordance with Shipgaz Training's quality manual by Johan Rindmyr.