Reefer Unit Maintenance

Reefer units are used for provisions stores, cooling CO2 storages, as air-conditioning units, reefer containers and in frozen/cold cargo holds. Some of the cooling medias used in these units are affecting the ozone layer and others that replace these are potent global warming greenhouse gases. It is essential that cooling media’s is handled properly and when no longer in use destroyed by certified agents.

What you will learn:

This course aims to give engineers a basic knowledge of how to service and maintain smaller reefer units in a safe and efficient way. It also shows how to do a leak search and gives advice on which parts to inspect and mentions the equipment needed for this. Safe handling of used cooling media is also included. It shall increase the understanding of legal and environmental issues when handling HFC and HCFC.

Table of Contents:
  • Legislation & Environment
  • Practical tips
  • Safety and Safe handling
  • Pump down and recovery
  • Drier and oil change
  • After service and repair

Reefer unit maintenance, cooling media, HFC, HCFC

Course Prerequisites:

To fully understand and perform the intended maintenance, an Engineer license is necessary, but the course is open for all engine room staff

Course Developer:

The course has been produced by Anders Helin and Klas Ljungmark