Safe Work Environment

The work environment on ships has some risks, but those who know them and know how to protect themselves can reduce them a lot. For this reason, the Maritime Joint Work Environment Council (SAN) has made this web-based work environment course, based on the Work Environment Manual for shipping. It is mostly aimed at those who work onboard, but if you are involved in work environment issues ashore or are studying, the course will be useful for you too. The purpose is to help make our ships more secure, safe and pleasant as workplaces through better knowledge of the work environment.

Course prerequisites:

The course is open to all seafarers and to those working ashore in the shipping industry.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:

Those who successfully complete the course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to create a safe working environment onboard ships and to act as “Safety Representatives”.


The Swedish Maritime Joint Work Environment Council’s (SAN) “Work Environment Manual for shipping”.

Course developer:

The Swedish Maritime Joint Work Environment Council (SAN).

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