Securing of Cargo Onboard

Almost all seafarers have been subjected to hard weather and they are well aware of the impact and forces that can occur at sea. When the ship starts to pitch and roll in heavy seas it is obvious that the consequences of such can be very serious if the cargo is not properly stowed and secured. In severe weather conditions, if necessary, the speed should be reduced and the course be altered. Such precautions may decrease the level of stress, both to cargo and the ship’s structure, by avoiding large movements and heavy exposure to green sea on deck. This course is intended to provide the user with a general understanding of the need for and the basic principles of proper cargo securing onboard vessels. The course consists of seven chapters followed by control questions.


Securing of cargoes onboard RoRo and General Cargo vessels.

Learning objectives and learner outcomes:
  • The forces acting on cargo at sea
  • The potential consequences of cargo shifting
  • The strength and proper usage of cargo securing equipment
  • Methods for assessing the suitability of cargo securing arrangements
Course prerequisites:

The course is open to all seafarers and to those working ashore in the shipping industry.

Course developer:

Sven Sökjer-Petersen and Andrée Falkenberg – MariTerm AB.

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