Working At Height

Working at Height explains the basics of the risks of falling and the physics behind the need for proper falling protection equipment. The equipment can also work as tools to improve the working environment and ergonomics of practical situations.
This course introduces the different components of correct personal falling protection equipment and gives the participant knowledge of how, when, and why falling protection is vital. The course ends with a quiz test. If you fail the quiz, you can try again.

Working at height is based on provisions from The Swedish Work Environment Authority:
  • AFS 1999:3 Building and Civil Engineering Work.
  • AFS 2006:4 Use of work equipment.
  • AFS 1981:14 Skydd mot skada genom fall.
  • AFS 2001:3 Use of Personal Protective Equipment (including AFS 2010:11)
Course developer:

The course is delivered and developed in accordance with Shipgaz Training's quality manual by Martin Modigh Carlsson.