Tomas Lindberg

Crew – An Interface That Gives You Overview of All Your 

Spring is definitely here and we’re planning a series of improvements to Shipgaz Training. The most comprehensive and first one out is Crew. A new interface built to give you a better view of your employees and their course results.

With Crew, it’s easy to invite your employees, see when they signed up and follow their latest activity and progress.

Edit profiles and ID data
Crew lets you edit all your employee’s profile data and ID information. The interface allows you to fill out information in advance to shorten your employees registration. This means that they don´t need to upload a passport or Seaman’s Book when they create their account.

A powerful export function
Let’s say you’re to export a particular ship’s combined certificates, or all certificates on a certain vessel for the crew members that are working on deck and have completed Risk Assessment; No problem – use the search filter to find the information you’re looking for and quickly make a bulk export of the data. Shipgaz will forward the certificates in a zipped file and send them straight to the person in need of the information.

That’s all for now! We’ll soon be back with more feature improvements and product changes!

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