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Enclosed Space Entry training is available


The dangers in enclosed spaces are many. All risks needs to be assessed before entry and a permit has to be issued.

Our Enclosed Space Entry training  is based on the amendment to SOLAS regulation III/19, on emergency training and rescue drills connected to an enclosed space entry. SOLAS regulation III/19 requires crew members with enclosed-space entry or rescue responsibilities to participate in an enclosed space entry and rescue drill at least once every two months.

Enclosed Space Entry provides the knowledge to handle, lead and perform an enclosed space entry. Achievements are assessed by a final test.

Focus areas:
Training and general caution, Procedures and Arrangements for enclosed space entries, Atmosphere test, Control of entry, Enclosed space unsafe for entry, Pump-room entry precautions, Work in enclosed space, Respiratory protective equipment and Emergency procedures.

  • Title: Enclosed Space Entry
  • Length: 9 chapters
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Author: Johan Rindmyr
  • Price: € 229

We offer flag state approved maritime education to shipping companies and this course was requested from one of our customers, Tarbit Shipping. If your company has need for maritime training that can not be found in our library, just give us a call and we will discuss it.