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Klas Ljungmark

We are approved by the Faroese Maritime Authority

On September 4, Shipgaz Training was approved by the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) as the first online maritime training provider. Today, we are very happy to announce that also the Faroese Maritime Authority has approved Shipgaz Training.

We have applications pending approval with several other flag states, Denmark, Norway, Malta, Holland, Greece, Bahamas, Bermuda, Panama and Liberia to mention a few. We will notify in due order as the approvals take effect. The courses Security Awareness training for all Seafarers and Security training for seafarers with designated security duties are also approved by the Faroese maritime administration.

Tomas Lindberg

It’s here – Introduction to MLC 2006


Shipgaz Training launches an introduction to the “Seafarers‘ Bill of Rights”. Everyone is talking about Maritime Labour Convention and the effect of it right now. This course is targeting junior officers and shore based personnel.

The MLC 2006 aims to ensure comprehensive worldwide protection of the rights of seafarers. It also aims to establish a level playing field for countries and shipowners committed to providing decent working and living conditions for seafarers, protecting them from unfair competition on the part of shipowners with substandard ships. The minimum standards and requirements are reflected in the MLC, 2006 and will be globally applicable to all ships.

This course consist of three chapters followed by an exam.

Title: Introduction to MLC 2006
Length: 3 chapters
Duration: 1 hours
Author: Captain Eddie Janson
Price: €119

Tomas Lindberg

Healthy Cooking – now available!


Targeting ship cooks and galley personnel, Healthy Cooking is now available. This course covers the most important aspects on storing, handling and preparing food products. With topics such as Nutrition, Health, Hygiene and Exercise, the author has managed to keep the content interesting an motivating.

All seagoing personnel can agree that the food is a major contributing factor to the onboard environment. The theory behind cooking healthy meals and the easy-to-follow tips and tricks in this course will provide useful knowledge, even for the most experienced cooks. The course is especially useful for cooks working with mixed crews who alternates between eastern and western food.

Title: Healthy Cooking
Length: 7 chapters
Duration: 2 hours
Author: Jari Virtanen
Price: €119

Tomas Lindberg

We are approved by the Swedish Transport Agency!

On September 4, Shipgaz Training was approved by the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) as the first online training provider. The approval is a welcome and awaited signal that online training is a relevant alternative to classroom training. It also ensures that Shipgaz Training meets STA’s quality requirements as provider of maritime training.
As of today we are in the process to seek approvals with other flag states as e.g. The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Malta, Holland, Bermuda, Panama and Liberia to mention a few.
STA also approved the new courses Security Awareness training for all Seafarers and Security training for seafarers with designated security duties. It will become mandatory for all seafarers to have a certificate from one of these courses depending on position and security duties. If you are hesitating, talk to your crewing office.

Ingela Öberg

Come chat with us!

Three days ago we set up our new support center featuring an online chat. After weeks of testing we decided to give the people at Olark the big responsibility to host our chat service. We are now available for support in real time. If you have problem signing in or you just can´t get your web cam in order, just give us a hauler and we will try to help out.

My name is Ingela Öberg, I´ve been around since the start of Shipgaz Training and work as head of support. I am available for most of our business hours here in Gothenburg and when I can´t take your question my colleagues will be there for you. If we’re not online, you will have the option to send us an email with your question. Our statistics tells us that 85% of our support tickets are solved with in the hour and another 10% within 8 hours (on the weekends the wait might be a bit longer). Our support is open business hours Central European Time.

You find our chat in the lower right corner on our website and while performing training. Just enter your name and email to start your chat. It doesn’t have to be problem related issues, if you need a quote, information about a certain course or anything regarding Shipgaz Training just reach out and we’ll be there.

Talk to you soon!

Tomas Lindberg

Incident Investigation is available


Targeting senior- and safety officers as required by SIRE VIQ 5.1, Incident Investigation is now available. Based on IMO Model Course 3.11, our training is designed to provide an introduction to the philosophy, processes and procedures required to support marine casualty investigations. All in accordance with IMO Assembly Resolution A.849(20) and the Code for Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents.

Title: Incident Investigation
Length: 10 chapters
Duration: 3 hours
Author: Captain Johan Rindmyr
Price: €229

Klas Ljungmark

Security Awareness – required from 1 January 2014

When the new STCW convention enters into force all Seafarers will need Security Training. This training will lead to a Certificate. There are three types of training depending on what position you have in the security organisation onboard:

For Ship Security Officers the requirements remain the same and no new training is needed. For Seafarers with duties in the Ship Security plan – most likely all Seafarers on tankers and cargo ships – a new course, Security Awareness for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (IMO Model course 3.26) is needed. For all other Seafarers the course Security Awareness for all Seafarers (IMO Model course 3.27) is required.

Shipgaz Training has developed online training courses in accordance with the IMO Model courses and is now in the process of getting Flag State approvals for the courses Security Awareness for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties and Security Awareness for all Seafarers. After Flag State approval the Shipgaz Training certificates from the new courses can be used as evidence of approved training to receive Flag State Certificates and endorsements.

We will inform all users as soon as we have received Flag State approvals.