Ingela Öberg

Come chat with us!

Three days ago we set up our new support center featuring an online chat. After weeks of testing we decided to give the people at Olark the big responsibility to host our chat service. We are now available for support in real time. If you have problem signing in or you just can´t get your web cam in order, just give us a hauler and we will try to help out.

My name is Ingela Öberg, I´ve been around since the start of Shipgaz Training and work as head of support. I am available for most of our business hours here in Gothenburg and when I can´t take your question my colleagues will be there for you. If we’re not online, you will have the option to send us an email with your question. Our statistics tells us that 85% of our support tickets are solved with in the hour and another 10% within 8 hours (on the weekends the wait might be a bit longer). Our support is open business hours Central European Time.

You find our chat in the lower right corner on our website and while performing training. Just enter your name and email to start your chat. It doesn’t have to be problem related issues, if you need a quote, information about a certain course or anything regarding Shipgaz Training just reach out and we’ll be there.

Talk to you soon!