Bye Shipgaz, Hello Seably

Shipgaz will close on September 15, 2020. As a substitute, we've launched Seably. Where you'll find all of Shipgaz courses and much more. Read our full statement below or go to Seably.

The time has come; We are closing Shipgaz. But it’s not the end.

After three years of development, and approximately 10.600 coffees️️, we have built a new product that will simplify the tiresome and complicated process that used to be maritime training. With our latest endeavor, we have removed lots of old hassles, and made the learning process much more straight forward and rewarding for you as a seafarer.

We call this new platform, Seably.

Seably is an online learning community for and by the maritime industry. A platform that works on both desktop and mobile, where anyone can explore, take, and even teach courses. We offer a wide range of flag state-approved STCW courses, safety and security training, introduction courses, reflective learning, how-to courses, and training based on industry demand.

Courses are presented in a legible reading environment that allows you to set your own pace and focus on the content. With new courses added every month, from industry professionals, training centers, subcontractors, and insurance companies, you will find the latest and the best in maritime education.

You're able to take free courses, buy individual courses, or subscribe to Seably for Business and get unlimited access to all training for you and your employees. On top of all of that, we're offering Seably as mobile apps for both iOS and Android - Where you can download courses locally to your mobile device and complete the training without an internet connection.

And remember, we're in this for the long run. So join us in this new endeavor, together we're going to simplify the future of maritime training.

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PS. Seably is short for someone who performs his/her duties very ably at sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Explore Seably, to find the courses you are interested in, and when your are ready, create a free personal account. As a shipping company, read more here or contact us, and we will help you with the transition from Shipgaz to Seably.

  • – Yes, it is! Creating a Seably account is completely free, and there are several free courses. You're only going to be asked for payment if you decide to buy a certificate course or start a Seably for Business subscription.

  • – No it won’t. You will have to sign up for a new account.

  • – We have stored all Shipgaz certificates, and they will continue to be valid just as before. If you were connected to a shipping company that has joined Seably, you should have access to your certificates after signing up for a Seably account. If that's not the case, contact us, and we will help you download old certificates.

Bye, and Hello 👋🏼

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Shipgaz was designed, built, and backed by the team that is now Seably. Copyright ©2020 Seably AB.